Opportunities to Serve

Opportunities in the Parish

St. Mary’s has always been blessed with generous volunteers in so many areas of parish life.  Many thanks to all who have been so dedicated in the past, and to those who continue to give so generously of their time and talent!  It is the commitment of our parishioners that make the parish truly a family of faith!

It is time for new volunteers to step up and continue to serve our parish family!

Please see our list of opportunities to serve HERE.

The form may be printed out & returned to church on any weekend.  Or, you may also complete the form online at the following link, or by scanning the QR code:


For additional details on each opportunity to serve, you may contact the rectory at 610-683-7443 or by email at <parish@stmaryskutztown.com>   A more detailed explanation of each opportunity is found HERE.

Key Documents:

List of Volunteer Opportunities to Serve

Explanation of Parish Opportunities to Serve

Training will be provided for each role.  Some roles may require clearances to maintain the highest standards of child safety.  Contact the rectory for details.  Requirements for such tasks may be found below.

Requirements for Some Volunteer Tasks